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PEXRite™ Galvanized Flat Bracket with Keyed Holes

Ideal for sink, lavatory and toilet plumbing solutions, these versatile galvanized steel brackets feature keyed holes that are designed to integrate with HoldRite inserts. 

Features and benefits: 
  • Integrates with PEXRite #701 and #704 with patented connection and other HoldRite inserts 
  • Compatible with PEX, copper and CPVC tubing 
  • Comes in two sizes 
  • Material: 14 gage CRS, galvanized 
  • Positions ½ in., ¾ in. or 1 in. copper or CPVC tubing and 3/8 in. or ½ in. PEX 

HoldRite PEXRite PEX Supports Save Time & Money

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