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4 HoldRite Product Suggestions Based on Your Current Favorites


We’re always trying to suggest ways pros can speed up installations, support their work and remain proud of their craftsmanship — all while having peace of mind that the installs are long-lasting.

So for those of you already using one or two go-to HoldRite solutions, we’ve compiled a short list of other HoldRite plumbing products you should add to your lineup based on your current favorites.



If you love PEXRite in-wall pipe support brackets...

...Use the PEXRite Turn-Out #704 to protect in-wall PEX pipe in stub-out applications.

Designed to integrate directly with the #103, #110-R and #709 series PEXRite brackets, the 704 helps prevent damaged PEX stub-outs and extreme bend radius that could cause tubing to kink with in-wall pipe supports.

The 704 PEX stub-out support also:

  • Eliminates in-wall fittings and concealed joints.
  • Installs directly to the stud.
  • Provides a 360-degree turning radius in the PEXRite brackets.
  • Reduces noise and vibration.

This solution helps minimize job site safety concerns, too, by eliminating the need for a torch environment at the stub-out. And in addition to saving you time with a quick installation, the 704 helps you save on parts: it doesn’t require costly copper bullets and works with all PEX tubing manufacturers.

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If you love HoldRite telescoping stout brackets...

...Go ahead and tackle acoustic vibration with silencers engineered to reduce plumbing noise.

Our silencer series includes everything from sound-rated variable closure clamps to showerhead or tub spout attachment clamps — all compatible with HoldRite stout or EZ-Strut brackets. On average, these lab-tested acoustic isolation products reduce noise by 87%, making them perfect for hotels, motels, multi-family homes and high-end residential projects.

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If you love HoldRite DWV testing systems...

...Make sure your cast-iron pipe systems are properly supported with #117 Series no-hub fitting restraints.

Keep your hubless cast iron pipe system properly restrained against separation during high-thrust conditions, whether they're caused by changes of direction or straight in-line joints.

Not only is the 117 Series strong, but its solutions also install in minutes. They don’t require any on-site cutting, bending, measuring or modifications.

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If You love HydroFlame cast-in-place firestop sleeves...

...Protect your PEX or conduit stub-ups with the 703 Series In-slab Tubing Support that has benefits baked in just like HydroFlame sleeves.

While contractors have marked pipe stub-up locations with everything from colorful sprays to flags in order to help protect them, stub-ups were still being damaged and creating job site hazards for workers. So the HoldRite Product Development team designed the 703 Series with a recessed cavity in the upper portion of the concrete floor for better protection.

Then, we took a page from the HydroFlame playbook and added a protective cover plate with locator whiskers to the 703 for easy identification after concrete pour. That way other contactors or sub-contractors on site can better work around stub-ups, and plumbing contractors and electricians can more easily find where they left off.

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