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New HoldRite Stub-up Pipe Support Minimizes Damage to PEX and Conduit


Job sites can now benefit from less material damage, fewer job delays and better safety with HoldRite's new stub-up PEX and conduit support. The 703 In-slab Tubing Support helps prevent in-slab tubing damage post pour, a common problem for plumbing, mechanical and electrical contractors.

The idea for the 703 came to us from contractors we visited on the job site. We are regularly out in the field, listening to our contractors’ challenges and ideas and asking them what would make their jobs easier or where there’s a gap in efficiency.

Stub-ups have traditionally been marked in some way to create protection and awareness. We’ve seen anything from spraying the stub-up with a bright color or taping a flag to them, to setting barriers over the top to create awareness. These makeshift methods didn’t work — stub-ups were still being damaged — and they also created dangerous hazards for workers. From these gatherings, we created the PEXRite 703.

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Benefits for Multiple Contractors

The 703 tubing support works for both electrical and plumbing stub-ups, assisting multiple pros on the job site during and after installations.

Plumbing, mechanical & electrical contractors.

When other workers accidentally damage stub-ups, it can lead to costly repairs and replacements — not to mention job delays. We know that plumbing and electrical contractors are no stranger to pallet jacks and forklifts running over their in-slab tubing stub-ups.

The installation of prefab wall or column forms can damage stub-ups too, and the removal of overhead forms can bend, crack or scratch stub-ups, affecting the integrity and professional appearance of an installation.

These scenarios can easily be avoided by creating stub-ups with the 703 support, which features a protective recessed cavity in the upper portion of the concrete floor for PEX pipe or conduit.

General contractors.

It can get tiring and time-consuming to have to work around protruding stub-ups after plumbing and electrical contractors perform their installs. The work-around slows down your project, and the uneven surfaces can impact wall framing and wall forming too. And if in-slab tubing is accidentally damaged, not only will you have to waste time on repairs, but specialty contractors may also bill you for the damage.

The 703 is designed to minimize extra job costs, prevent delays and give general contractors a uniform flat concrete surface to work on so projects run more smoothly. It also eliminates the danger of trips and falls over stub-ups because of the 703’s recessed cavity.

703 Benefits

In addition to the recessed cavity design, the 703 also supports contractors with the following features:

  • Protective cover plate with locator whiskers for easy identification after concrete pour.
  • Availability for single or double pipe runs.
  • Design that accepts and protects one or two ½ in. PEX tubes or ¾ in. conduit.
  • Compatibility with slabs 7 ½ in. or greater without field modifications.
  • Multi-run versatility with interlocking feet.
Watch How To Protect PEX Stub-ups with HoldRite 703 | HoldRite on YouTube.

Learn more about the 703

Other In-slab Pipe Supports

Along with the 703 Series, HoldRite offers a complete suite of in-slab stub-up support devices for both rigid and flexible tubing up to 2 in.

These pop-up devices:

  • Are fast and easy to install.
  • Support up to 2 in. flexible or rigid piping/tubing in some models.
  • Features a unique design that allows for side-entry of tubing in some models.

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