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6 Reasons Plumbing Engineers Should Include HydroFlame Pro in Their Specs

holdrite firestop sleeve on site

In the event of a fire, pipe and conduit systems can create openings in buildings that contribute to the spread of gases, smoke and flames. Because of this, firestop systems are required in many locations, like slab edges and curtain walls, to prevent fire from spreading. 

While there are many firestop materials to choose from — putty pads, caulk and more — modern firestop solutions streamline the process for better results. HoldRite HydroFlame Pro cast-in-place firestop sleeves allow for timely and cost-effective installations and are designed to be versatile, durable and safe. Here’s why HoldRite firestop sleeves belong in your specifications. 

1. They Simplify the Firestop Installation Process 

Traditional firestopping requires multiple steps that leave room for human error and potential inspection failures, so firestop sleeves have become a popular upgrade. However, most firestop sleeves have fixed heights, are difficult to locate after concrete pour and don’t come with a water dam accessory.  

These are some of the assets that HydroFlame Pro offers:  

  • Interlocking telescoping sleeve body. HydroFlame Pro saves you time by minimizing the need to manually measure and cut sleeves on the job site. Its adjustable design allows you to quickly set the height of your sleeve in 1/4 in. increments between 7-1/2 in. to 11-3/4 in. 
  • Locator whiskers. Never guess where you placed your firestop sleeves after concrete pour. With color-coded whiskers, you will be able to quickly identify the location and penetration type that is buried.  
    • Red whiskers = plastic pipe.  
    • Black whiskers = metal pipe.  
    • Green whiskers = electrical conduit or cable.  
  • UL W rating. HydroFlame Pro sleeves are manufactured with a mid-body water-tight seal that meets the UL W rating out of the box. This ensures water will not migrate through these openings in the deck. With some exceptions, no additional sealants or materials are needed to maintain the UL W rating. No other manufactured cast-in-place sleeve meets this requirement without the need of additional modules, backers or sealants. 
  • Water dam accessory. If your project calls for added water protection, HoldRite offers a water dam accessory that attaches to the top of the HydroFlame Pro firestop sleeves to add a water barrier at the perimeter of the sleeve opening. This accessory is installed after concrete pour and safety cap removal to avoid damage. Load ratings depend on pipe type and size. 

These three components make HydroFlame Pro the premier cast-in-place firestop sleeve on the market.  

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HydroFlame product configuration graphic

2. They Satisfy Firestopping Code Requirements 

HydroFlame Pro’s technology transforms onsite workflow for the better with a quick, code-approved setup. HoldRite firestop sleeves meet and exceed all building code requirements by offering: 

  • Testing to meet several ASTM and UL standards. 
  • Watertight UL W-rated penetrations without requiring additional labor or materials for most installations. 
  • Acoustic noise dampening capabilities.  
  • Safety caps that meet OSHA hole cover safety requirements.  

By using a product that’s code-approved out of the box, there’s less room for error on the job and it streamlines inspections. With codes changing every three years, HoldRite ensures that products are always up to date and meeting code with thorough lab testing. 

In addition, engineers and architects can access a wide array of complementary support services through HoldRite including:  

  • Assistance with specification authorship via MasterSpec and similar tools 
  • A full array of CAD and BIM-ready content 
  • Installation detail drawings, instructions and technical test data.  

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3. They Are Faster and More Cost Effective to Install  

Using traditional firestopping methods might seem like a smaller investment in the moment, but in the end, it could cost you more. Keep your project on time and on budget by eliminating the need for laborious installation methods that rack up labor costs.  

HydroFlame Pro can be installed up to 6 times faster than traditional methods, and you can save up to $15 per installation over other sleeve solutions that require more materials and labor. And since it meets and exceeds code requirements, you can reduce field installation errors and have a smoother inspection process.   

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4. They Are Readily Available Nationwide 

In addition to being easy to specify, HydroFlame Pro is easy to carry in stores, making it accessible for pros to order from their local distributor. Several RWC products, including HydroFlame Pro, are manufactured in the U.S. and are accessible throughout the country. You can also typically get products in less than eight weeks. With HoldRite, you no longer have to worry about complex purchase orders, tight deadlines and job site fabrication challenges. HydroFlame Pro protects your project from the dangers of fire, gas, smoke, water, and mold damage. 

US map showing 5 markets RWC products are installed

5. They Are a Versatile Firestop System 

On the job site, innovative features — such as easily adjustable firestop sleeves and locator whiskers — allow you to be more versatile and efficient than if you used more traditional methods. For example, if you need a water dam, HydroFlame Pro lets you simply thread in a water dam accessory to the top of the sleeve. HoldRite firestop sleeves also give you more flexibility on the job site by providing:  

  • Hollow sleeves. These allow for instances when others provide firestopping or you want more annular space. 
  • Product integration. HoldRite offers a complete suite of solutions for firestop penetrations — sleeves, sealants, wraps and collars. You can pair some of these together for consistent quality.  
  • Compatibility. Sleeves can be used in concrete or metal decks, are designed for different penetrant sizes and are compatible with extensions.  

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6. They Reduces Job Site Waste 

By not incorporating temporary or cut-to-length sleeves or mineral wool, HydroFlame Pro helps eliminate wasteful byproducts on the job site. Because the sleeves come with firestop materials built in, minimize cutting and don’t require additional tools to install, there is also less packaging or material waste. By reducing this clutter, worker safety and productivity is positively impacted, which makes HydroFlame Pro a valuable tool for replacing less efficient slab penetration methods.  

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