Non-Telescoping Hollow Sleeves

(Sleeve Only, Firestopping By Others)

Cut inner and outer sleeve if desired height is under 7¾”

Re-install cap & insert whiskers Push Locator Whiskers until locked in place. (Optional, screw can be used to strengthen attachment) Note: Push Cap down onto Sleeve until it snaps on. Rotate clockwise, slightly, if desired.

Nail to form deck

Remove cap with Safety Cap Tool or break out with hammer

Install pipe

Install mineral and fire caulking as required

Best Practices:

  • Select the correct Holdrite HydroFlame Pro Series sleeve (match the pipe size, pipe material type and slab height)
  • Secure sleeve to form deck, per Installation Instructions. Keep red safety cap securely in place.
  • Remove red safety cap when installing pipe, no sooner. Don’t allow debris to get into sleeve.
  • Prior to inserting pipe, be sure pipe meets mfg. spec tolerance, is clean, round and smooth
  • No-hub pipe must be no more than 25/1000 below mfg. nominal OD, to assure water-tightness
    – If no-hub pipe isn’t ideally smooth & properly sized, caulk may be needed for water seal
  • Insert the pipe up through sleeve from below, providing the best chance for water-tightness
    – Keeping the pipe in the center of the sleeve will provide the best water-tight results
    – For especially tight pipe fits, apply soapy water solution prior to pushing pipe through
  • If desired, for added strength, use ½” long #8 screw to attach Locator Whiskers to safety cap
  • If desired, for added strength, use ½” long #8 screw to attach outer sleeve to inner sleeve
  • Call HOLDRITE’s technical staff for further assistance 800-321-0316
  • For further details, consult the UL Online Certification Directory (File number R25101)