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Silencer clamp on copper plumbing system.

Acoustic Isolation

Proven, engineered acoustical plumbing solutions.

Reduce pipe noise with hangers and supports designed to secure and silence pipes.

HoldRite Silencer™ System products are specifically engineered to stop rattling pipes and pipe noise transfer between piping and building structures. On average, the HoldRite Silencer acoustic isolation system reduces pipe noise by 87%. Plus, Silencer pipe isolation hangers and clamps integrate seamlessly with other HoldRite pipe support systems.  

Acoustic isolation from HoldRite is:

  • Proven to reduce pipe noise and rattling pipes for soundproofing.
  • Compatible with copper, PEX, CPVC, cast iron and other materials.
  • ISO-3822 certified acoustical lab tested.
  • Field-tested and approved.

Up-to-code solutions to keep pipes from making noise.

Our acoustic isolation systems are engineered to provide corporate, hospitality, multi-family home and high-end residential projects with superior protection against plumbing noise and vibration disturbance. They are field and ISO-3822 tested, available for a variety of pipe sizes and simple to install. 

Diverse pipe isolation products to dampen noise from rattling pipes.

HoldRite’s Silencer system includes a number of versatile acoustic isolation solutions for pipe noise, including pipe hangers and clamps with built-in padding and adhesive pads for more flexible installations.

  • Sound-rated pipe clamps mount to various surfaces and brackets and are adjustable to support different pipe sizes.
  • Pipe isolation pads, liners, and rolls often include self-adhesive backing for easier install around pipes. 
  • Silencing pipe hangers are adjustable and feature a rubber liner on the saddle to absorb vibrations and reduce noise. 

Acoustic Isolation Resources