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Pipe supports on bracket.

Acoustic Isolation

Proven, engineered acoustical plumbing solutions.

HoldRite Silencer Acoustic Pipe Supports

HoldRite Silencer products are specifically engineered to dampen noise transfer between piping and building structures.

  • On average, the HoldRite Silencer sound isolation system reduces plumbing noise by 87%.
  • Integrates with HoldRite Pipe Support Systems
  • Reduces plumbing noise and vibration for soundproofing pipes
  • Compatible with Copper, PEX, CPVC, Cast Iron, and other materials
  • ISO-3822 Certified Acoustical Lab Tested
  • Field tested and approved
  • Acoustical pipe support systems are simple to install
  • Engineered to provide today's hotels, motels, multi-family homes and high-end residential projects with superior protection against plumbing noise and vibration disturbance.